Restart IP Phone Adaptors

How to reboot, restart IP phone router, restart voip adapter, reset voip phone device
Instruction on how to restart IP phone , how to reset IP phone adapter , how to restart IP phone router , how to restart Voip phone when the ADSL ( or DSL ) reconnect again.

When ADSL or DSL service line is disconected - you can not use IP phone. When ADSL or DSL is reconnected, you need to restart IP phone router - Below is the instruction on how to restart IP phone adapter (how to restart IP phone router, how to restart Voip phone when the ADSL or DSL line being reconnected again after disconnection) 

In general:
- Question: how to reboot phone adaptor devices ?
- Answer: Just unplug your broadband phone adaptor from the power and re-plug it after a few seconds.

Trouble Shooting
: Restart IP phone - Easily and Simply way to restart IP phone adapter, restart IP phone router, restart voip phone - Sometimes the ADSL or DSL is disconnected. There are many reasons from your ADSL service provider or DSL service provider that caused this disconnection. When the ADSL line or DSL line is disconnected, you cannot use the Internet or IP phone. The only solution is waiting until the ADSL or DSL line is connected so you can use the Voip phone service again. When the ADSL or DSL is connected, you may need to restart the IP phone router ( also called IP phone adapter ). To restart the IP phone router, just disconnect the power cord from the IP phone router, wait at least 5 second, then disconnect the power cord again. Wait until all 3 LED lights turn green and you are ready to make calls.

If all LED lights cannot turn green or still blinking, check all cord connections to make sure everything is connected correctly: check USB cord between ADSL modem ( or DSL modem ) and IP phone router, phone cord connection between phone jack and IP phone router's, power cord connection between IP phone router and power outlet, restart Voip line by redo the instruction as described above again, wait until 3 LED lights turn green and the Voip phone line is ready for you to make calls.