Open Ports for IP phone routers
Open IP ports for IP phone routers. Instruction on how to open ports on the IP phone router, open UDP ports, TCP ports, port forwading process, routers, firewall

How to open ports for internet phone routers
The following UDP ports and TCP ports need to be opened at the router's firewall for incoming and outgoing traffic, and need to be forwarded to the broadband phone device:
  • 1) Port  ranges: 5060-5063
  • 2) Port: 5723 (This is when ports 5060-5063 are not available)
  • 3) Port  ranges: 16384-16400
  • 4) Port: 69 (This is for TFTP connection. Used for upgrades. Usually it is not blocked by the router).


- In most routers, when defining "Port Forwarding", it means that you also opened those ports at the router's firewall. But, in some routers, you will have to 
open those ports at the router's firewall.
- In most routers, at the router's Interface, you will locate a section with the name of "Port Forwarding". but in some routers, it is called NAT.
- At corporate routers, you will also have to configure its firewall to trust the following IP ranges: - -
- For further instructions on Port Forwarding process you should contact your router manufacturer.